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Feel Free To Treat This April Fool's Day Story As Either A Cautionary Tale Or Inspiration

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Wiedman was an assistant manager at a fast-food joint at the time, and wearing one of those flimsy paper hats. His colleague Rick thought it would be a riot — and a fitting tribute to April Fools’ Day — to sneak up behind his buddy and set his cap aflame. Rather than creating a slow burn, though, the gag made the manager’s hat go up like a bonfire on the Fourth of July. “He had to pull it off, throw it on the floor, and stamp out the flames,” remembers Wiedman, who’s now a business professor in Lincoln, Nebraska. “I’d been singed, and for several weeks, it looked like I was going bald.” [Reuters]


A Final Update And Cautionary Tale From Your Dealbreaker NCAA Tournament Challenge Manager

This is Pool Manager NakedShort, signing off until next year: "Tied for first are 'HeyConnah' and 'Shawn S.' Both have Kansas winning, while HeyConnah predicts a final aggregate score of 125 and Shawn S puts it at 128. If Kentucky prevails tonight, 'Benjamin W.' will be the new owner of, among other things, some awesome swag; he has Kentucky winning it all and is currently in sole possession of second place. On a personal note, I've been a huge KU fan my entire life and I am a little (a lot) pissy about there being no possible way for me-- currently tied for 7th-- to win. What I'm saying is..." "KANSAS OWES ME AT LEAST A TITLE to compensate for the fact that I will not be taking home the DBNCAATC trophy. That said, it's probably for the best: the last time I won a bracket pool and KU won the title in the same night I got so drunk I blacked out and according to my wife, came into the bedroom and yelled 'Fuck You Roy (Williams),' before vomiting all over the area rug and passing out. Needless to say she was not a happy camper cleaning the mess while being 5 months pregnant. Good luck to our leaders and may the odds be forever in your favor."