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First Round Of Lenny Dykstra Interviews Allegedly Involve Nude Massages

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From time to time around these parts, we like to offer some pro-tips for those interviewing at various banks and hedge funds, given that each firm is unique and offers its own kind of curve balls. A successful (lunch) interview at Goldman Sachs, for instance, will require one to order within 30 seconds of the menu hitting the table; at Bridgewater, one must have his/her "views on God and abortion" ready. Today's tip is for anyone potentially interviewing for a housekeeping job with Lenny Dykstra, who expect a demo of not only your cleaning skills but your skills as a masseur as well.

Bankrupt former MLB star Lenny Dykstra allegedly told a prospective housekeeper he expected her to give him massages - then took all his clothes off and demanded a trial-run. The 48-year-old is now being investigated for lewd conduct after the woman complained to police about the interview at his California mansion.

The unnamed 47-year-old when she arrived at the house, thought to be his $18.5million Californian mansion, he told her she would be required to give him massages as well as clean. He then allegedly took all his clothes off and told her he couldn't hire her until he had tried out her massaging skills.

Bring your Twizzlers.



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