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Former Galleon Employee Zvi “Octopussy” Goffer Takes Page From Old Boss's Playabook

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Perhaps inspired by how well Raj Rajaratnam's decision to plead not guilty and take his insider trading charges to trial, Zvi Goffer AKA Mr. Octopussy AKA Dances with Tracksuits has done the same, a week after having six extra accusations of securities fraud added to his file.

Galleon Group LLC trader Zvi Goffer, accused of leading one of three insider-trading rings that are the subject of a U.S. probe, pleaded not guilty to new federal charges in an amended indictment. Goffer and his brother Emanuel Goffer, along with Craig Drimal and Michael Kimelman, today entered not guilty pleas to the new indictment filed by the U.S. on April 7.

U.S. District Judge Richard Sullivan in New York granted defense lawyers’ request for a one-week delay in the trial, which was originally set to begin May 9. The attorneys said they needed time to review evidence because of the new charges.

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