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Scrooge McDuck Gives Richest Alternative Investment Managers A Run For Their Money

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Early last month, Forbes released its annual list of the richest people in the world. 65 alternative investment managers made the cut, with John Paulson leading the pack at a networth of $16.0 billion and Pete Peterson bringing up the rear with $1.0 billion. Ever wondered how the living/breathing rich would stack up against the fiction and in some cases illustrated rich? Wonder no longer. Forbes has put out a ranking of the richest fictional characters today, a list executive editor Michael Noer says the team goes to "great lengths to calculate, similar to how we calculate real billionaires."

15. Jeffrey Lebowski (source: inheritance): 1.0 billion
14. Gordon Gekko (source: investments): 1.1 billion
13. Chuck Bass (source: real estate): 1.1 billion
12. C. Montgomery Burns (source energy): 1.1 billion
11. Jo Bennett (source: electronics, inheritance): 1.2 billion
10. Arthur Bach (source: inheritance): 1.8 billion
9. Mr. Monopoly (source: real estate): 2.8 billion
8. Bruce Wayne (source: inheritance, defense): 7.0 billion
7. Smaug (source: Marauding): 8.6 billion
6. Tony Stark (source: defense) 9.4 billion
5. Jed Clampett (source: oil and gas): 9.5 billion
4. Richie Rich (source: inheritance, conglomerates): 9.7 billion
3. Artemis Fowl II (source: theft, forgery, Facebook): 13.5 billion
2. Carslisle Cullen (source: compound interest, investments): 32.6 billion
1. Scrooge McDuck (source: mining, treasure hunting, gold): 44.1 billion

The Fictional 15 [Forbes via Reuters]


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