Scrooge McDuck Gives Richest Alternative Investment Managers A Run For Their Money


Early last month, Forbes released its annual list of the richest people in the world. 65 alternative investment managers made the cut, with John Paulson leading the pack at a networth of $16.0 billion and Pete Peterson bringing up the rear with $1.0 billion. Ever wondered how the living/breathing rich would stack up against the fiction and in some cases illustrated rich? Wonder no longer. Forbes has put out a ranking of the richest fictional characters today, a list executive editor Michael Noer says the team goes to "great lengths to calculate, similar to how we calculate real billionaires."

15. Jeffrey Lebowski (source: inheritance): 1.0 billion
14. Gordon Gekko (source: investments): 1.1 billion
13. Chuck Bass (source: real estate): 1.1 billion
12. C. Montgomery Burns (source energy): 1.1 billion
11. Jo Bennett (source: electronics, inheritance): 1.2 billion
10. Arthur Bach (source: inheritance): 1.8 billion
9. Mr. Monopoly (source: real estate): 2.8 billion
8. Bruce Wayne (source: inheritance, defense): 7.0 billion
7. Smaug (source: Marauding): 8.6 billion
6. Tony Stark (source: defense) 9.4 billion
5. Jed Clampett (source: oil and gas): 9.5 billion
4. Richie Rich (source: inheritance, conglomerates): 9.7 billion
3. Artemis Fowl II (source: theft, forgery, Facebook): 13.5 billion
2. Carslisle Cullen (source: compound interest, investments): 32.6 billion
1. Scrooge McDuck (source: mining, treasure hunting, gold): 44.1 billion

The Fictional 15 [Forbes via Reuters]


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