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Lynn Tilton Accused Of Physically, Verbally Assaulting Employees, 'Barely Restraining' Her Breasts

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In a lawsuit filed by a former employee Andre Wrobel, Patriarch Partners founder Lynn Tilton was accused of having a slightly unorthodox management style around the office. Before we get to the allegations (which Tilton's attorney described as "scandalous" and "irrelevant"), we're going to take a little quiz, aimed at business owners and those in leadership positions. Please answer the following:

1) What are some appropriate nicknames to refer to employees by:
a) sport, champ, hoss
b) buddy boy, bro, broheim
c) idiot, dumbass, hey stupid
d) dicks, fucks, assholes

2) To command the room during a meeting do you:
a) Speak loudly and clearly
b) have a rule that anyone who interrupts or plays with his/her Blackberry is thrown out
c) Sit in such a way that your crotch area is exposed to those persons who must face and address you.

3) Which of the following are okay to do to employees (circle all that apply):
* hit them
* insult them
* throw things at them
* beat them

4) What is an appropriate level of fabric when it comes to the breast area:
a) The amount found in a turtle neck
b) however much it takes to cover them completely
c) just enough so that they're "barely restrained to the point of wiggling and moving like they are about to fall out at any minute"

5) An underling tells you something you think might be a lie. Do you:
a) Ask them some probing follow up questions
b) tell them "I don't think you're being honest with me"
c) wait for them to trip themselves up in the lie
d) sarcastically respond “Sure, you expect me to believe that, like I’m going to believe you’re not going to cum in my mouth!”

Here are a few ways Wrobel describes Tilton's management style (which also serve as the answer key to the above):

Court Docs Reveal Accusations Of Fraud [Forbes]


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