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Paulson And Co Funds Up And Down ('A Smidgen') For The Quarter

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Reuters reports John Paulson's Advantage Fund was down 1.24 percent for the quarter (-3.10 in March); the Advantage Plus Fund was down 1.74 percent (4.4 percent in March); and the Gold fund was down 'a smidgen,' losing 0.87 percent (-0.43 in March). Paulson Partners was up 3.86 percent for the quarter; Paulson Enhanced was up 6.94 percent; and the Credit Opportunities Fund was up 6.44 percent.


John Paulson's Merger Fund Had A Nice Little Quarter

April has also worked out well for JP.

Paulson Recovery Fund Up 17 Percent for the Quarter

John Paulson is racking up big gains in his Recovery Fund, the $2 billion distressed fund that purchased the assets of the former IndyMac Bank. According to Paulson's latest investor letter, the fund is up 17 percent for the quarter.