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Expert: Raj Rajaratnam Might Consider Spending Some Of The Money Earmarked For Legal Bills On A Personal Stylist

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If you've been keeping up with the Raj Rajaratnam insider trading trial, you may have come to the conclusion that things have not been going so hot for the Galleon founder. Though he is of course innocent until proven guilty, so far jurors have heard that Raj's brother felt the need to destroy his big brother's "private notebooks," tapes of Raj telling Danielle Chiesi to keep their dealings on the down low, tapes of Raj telling a friend he knew to buy shares of a company because "one of our guys is on the board," and testimony from former McKinsey exec that Raj paid him $1 million for his tip about AMD’s acquisition of ATI. Sure, Raj's former head of research testified he never heard the boss asking for inside information and that the big man was "the most prepared of" any of the Galleon team simply by virtue of being "amazingly educated on the issues at hand" but the odds of getting off? Not so great. That's why he needs a Hail Mary- one in which he'll dazzle 'em with fashion.

Once Rajaratnam's case is in the jurors' hands, though, anything could happen. "I once had a case as a prosecutor, and talked with a juror who said the biggest thing was how the female defendant wore a different matching pair of shoes and a purse every day," Wisenberg recalled. "It had nothing to do with the case." He said he won.

Just something to think about.

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