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This Is A Story About Lynn Tilton's Employees Doing Jello Shots Off Her Rack

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Talk to former employees, and you sometimes get a very a different story. They speak in whispers of a “terrifying” and “evil” boss, given to eruptions of rage, who exploits her femininity to throw off men, who threw herself a 50th birthday party where staffers did jello shots off her stomach and chest. [Forbes]


How Would Lynn Tilton Punish Lynn Tilton?

Banning jello-shots from the conference room would certainly be an effective deterrent against fraud.

Lynn Tilton Still Has Her Dignity

You hear that, Securities and Exchange Commission?

The Lynn Tilton You See Before Is The Result Of 10 Years Of Study "With The Mayan Indians"

The private equity chief and purveyor of Jell-O shots off her rack went on a spiritual journey.