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What Does Raj Rajaratnam's Lunch Order Say About Him

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As you may know, we're on Day 2 of jury deliberations in the Raj Rajaratnam insider trading case. The Galleon Group founder has been charged with 14 counts of securities fraud and conspiracy and faces up to 20 years in prison. Rajaratnam (and his 7-man legal team) have been in court waiting for the verdict but not saying much or indicating whether or not he's confident he'll get off, or scared out of his mind. Or is he? Despite not speaking to reporters or gesturing with his hands, Raj has been giving some clues, if we can crack them. Today, they came in the form of a sandwich.

According to the Journal's senior sandwich correspondent, Rajaratnam and his lawyers "headed to the courthouse cafeteria for lunch, [where] he defendant ordered a tuna sandwich with mayonnaise." Obviously there's meaning behind this choice of tuna with extra mayo, but what? Can we infer that:

a) Raj is worried he's going to go away for a long time and wants to get all the mayo-- his favorite condiment- that he can and then some in the meantime

b) He thinks the tuna in the courthouse cafeteria sucks and he's trying to hide the taste

c) All the self-help books he's been reading suggest trying one new thing every day, and never having ordered tuna before, doesn't know the mayo is usually implied?

d) He's confident he'll get off and last night, in anticipation of beach season, tried on all his favorite swimsuits only to find that the recent weight-loss has left them entirely too baggy. He's now doing what he can to get his curves back before Memorial Day