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Which Hedge Fund Managers Made A Respectable Amount Of Money In 2010?

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Those ranked 11-25 on AR Magazine's annual paycheck list.

25. Dan Loeb: $210 million
24. Jamie Dinan: $210 million
23. Louis Bacon $230 million
22. Seth Klarman: $240 million
21. Leon Cooperman: $240 million
20. Andrew Hoine: $250 million
19. Stanley Druckenmiller: $250 million
18. Michael Platt: $270 million
17. David Shaw: $275 million
16. Izzy Englander $375 million
15. Dan Och: $390 million
14. Bill Ackman: $390 million
13. Marc Lasry: $400 million
12. Michael Hintze: $400 million
11. Ken Griffin: $410 million

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