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Who Wants To Invest In A Former Female Bodybuilder's Robot Fund?

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Level E Capital founder Sonia Schulenburg, pictured, want to put your money to work.

The details:

* Level E Capital is looking for investors for its Maya Fund

* The fund's trades are made by a robot, who's yet to be named (first investor to pledge a billion could ask for the right)

Maya, whose server is kept in a two-meter-tall air-cooled cabinet, uses so-called artificial intelligence to process data and, unlike other mathematics-based funds, adjusts to changing market conditions “on the fly,” she said. The fund makes as many as 1,000 trades a day, mainly in FTSE 100 companies and those in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index.

* This fund is different

“This is definitely different because it’s dynamic,” Michael MacPhee, a partner at Baillie Gifford, which invested $15 million last year with Schulenburg, said at his Edinburgh office. “Most quant funds are pennies in front of a steamroller. This thing actually adapts, it’s intelligent.”

* Schulenberg holds a doctorate in artificial intelligence and an associates degree in flexing

Schulenburg also competed in natural, or non drug-enhanced, bodybuilding events. She placed third in the U.K. championships for her weight in 1998 and 2000. She also was a Scottish champion, according to Guy Addison, who runs the Body Academy in Perth. Schulenburg no longer competes, though she said she trains sporadically.

* If "I'm on top of the world/I've got a gun in my mouth" volatility are you thing, this fund is not for you

“We don’t offer that roller-coaster performance,” Schulenburg said. “When people are celebrating, we don’t, and when people are crying and committing suicide, we don’t.”

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