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Who's Got One "I Heart Ayn Rand" Neck Tattoo And A Good Chance Of Being Dragged Out Of The Theater Pee Wee Herman Style Tonight?


Give you two guesses but you'll only need one.

The answer would be Alan Greenspan, who more than likely could not sleep all night out of excitement over the premiere of "Atlas Shrugged," for which he Fandango'ed matinee, early evening, and midnight showing tickets to weeks ago.

[via BI]


(Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons)

Cheer Up, Libertarians: Ayn Rand Apostle John Allison Still In The Mix For A D.C. Role

Even though he probably spells Ayn with two N's, Trump could scrounge up some libertarian cred yet.

Charlie Gasparino Left His Heart In Throggs Neck And, More Specifically, His Stomach In Pastosa Ravioli

"I wonder where Charlie Gasparino does his grocery shopping" is a question many people have surely asked themselves. Lucky for them, today finally brings an answer. The Fox Business reporter was interviewed by "Bronx Times" about his very early boyhood days in the borough, which apparently made a lasting impression on him, despite having moved to Westchester when he was six.