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Write-Offs: 04.04.11

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$$$ "Julian Robertson is reopening Tiger Management to outside investors for the first time in more than a decade, a move that has been anticipated since last summer. The firm is attempting to raise money for the Tiger Accelerator Fund, a co-seeding vehicle that gives investors a piece of the fee revenue and performance at a group of six Tiger-seeded hedge funds." [AR Magazine]

$$$SEC probes backdoor mergers [WSJ]

$$$Not only does Mayo dislike the fact that Parsons seems unwilling to take responsibility for any of Citigroup's decisions, he seems particularly upset by Parsons chumminess with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, whom Parsons refers to as "Timmy" in the recent magazine profile. "His comments indicate unusual and exclusive access to the US Treasury Secretary... and arrogance about the degree of government support and the degree of negative impact that Citi has had on the entire industry," Mayo writes. [Fortune]

$$$ The truth about GE's tax bill [Fortune]

$$$Work Days of 11 Hours Boost Risk for Heart Disease, Study Says [Bloomberg]

$$$ Goldman Banker Teams Up With Ex-BP CEO [Deal Journal via Heidi Moore]