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Write-Offs: 04.07.11

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$$$ Wall Street Would Be Hit Hard By a Long Federal Shutdown [NetNet]

$$$ Jamie Dimon said potential rewards of investing in five European nations including Greece and Ireland outweigh the risk of losing $3 billion if the countries default. “In the unlikely occurrence of extremely bad outcomes in all these countries, JPMorgan Chase ultimately could lose approximately $3 billion,” Dimon said today in a letter to shareholders. “But we are in the business of taking risks in support of our clients and believe that this is a risk worth bearing since we hope to be growing our business in these countries for decades.” [Bloomberg]

$$$ Blockbuster Lawyers, Bankers Spar Over Price, Pizza [WSJ]

$$$Accused Insider Trader Sued For Anti-Gay Bias [Reuters]

$$$ Obama Administration Faces a Host of Senior Finance Openings to Fill [WSJ]