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Write-Offs: 04.11.11

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$$$ "The one group of people who have avoided their fair share of blame in the credit bust are the pension fund managers who invested these absurd vehicles at the tail end of the boom. What the hell were you thinking? Rather than a class action by you against JPMorgan, you should be the recipients of class action suits by your own investors. Of all the fools out there, you are surely the worst." [Fortune]

$$$Falcone-backed telecom tests IPO waters [Reuters]

$$$Depressed Traders Make Bad Decisions [FINS]

$$$The man who predicted Japan's tsunami (spoiler alert: Dennis Gartman gets no credit) [WSJ]

$$$ Best Currency Forecasters Say Dollar Weakness to Persist as Fed Stimulates [Bloomberg]

$$$ Warren Buffett Seal of Approval Goes To…Wells Fargo Bankers? [Deal Journal]