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Write-Offs: 04.13.11

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$$$ John Paulson's Complete Les Echos Interview In Which He Is Bearish On Housing, Bullish On Gold [ZH via BI]

$$$ Fed Reports Economic Improvement [WSJ]

$$$ Byron Wien: End of Fed Easing Will Create Summer 'Swoon' [CNBC]

$$$ Cash-Strapped NFL Players Seeking High-Risk "Lockout Loans" [TPG]

$$$ Rajaratnam, Goldman’s Cohn Lunched in 2008, Galleon Witness Says [BW]

$$$ The FBI has dubbed its undercover insider trading probes that led to Skowron and other defendants the "Perfect Hedge." [Reuters]

$$$ Banks Must Pay Victims of Botched Foreclosures, Regulators Say [Bloomberg]