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Write-Offs: 04.15.11

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$$$Bill Gross Alone Beating Stocks as Bears Fail to Profit From Crashes [Bloomberg]

$$$ Red Flags Popping Up All Over Bank of America [NetNet]

$$$ Why This Tech Bubble Is Different [BusinessWeek]

$$$IRS hands Nicolas Cage pocket full of kryptonite [TW]

$$$Michael Burry: “Inside the Doomsday Machine with the Outsider who Predicted and Profited from America’s Financial Armageddon” [Vanderbilt News]

$$$ BofA’s $1.6 Billion Deal Ends Assured’s ‘Chinese Water Torture’ [Bloomberg]

$$$ These money managers are more than just fans [PI]

$$$ Ari Weinberg: Matt Taibbi's Fact Souffle [WSJ]

$$$Talking Money With Elmo [NYT]