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Write-Offs: 04.28.11

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$$$Some of the celebrities seemed at home in BTIG’s frenetic trading environment — Mark Teixera, the Yankees first baseman, was seen resolutely studying a chart showing the correlation between oil prices and the Euro — while others were overwhelmed. “Too much stuff is going on!” said Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher, pointing to the multiple terminal screens flashing at each desk. “It all looks like Japanese writing to me, man.” “This is just as stressful as playing baseball,” Mr. Strawberry said. [Dealbook]

$$$ Rajaratnam Lawyer Dowd Shares War Stories, Vacation Plans [Bloomberg]

$$$Matthew Goldstein: Phil Falcone said the SEC probes are "informal" and that no criminal or enforcement charges have been brought against the firm. He also said the firm is "cooperating with these investigations." [Reuters]

$$$2004 Speech Shows That Bernanke Won’t Ease More [NetNet]

$$$ "Look, the news is that I'm much richer than everyone thinks," Trump says, possibly for the 11th time in one afternoon. "I'm worth more than $7 billion, with hundreds of millions in cash. That's after paying off mortgages, after buying airplanes...Most people think I'm worth two billion. They don't know." He adds, "You know, I don't even have mortgages." [BusinessWeek]

$$$ Former SAC analyst settles insider charges with SEC [Reuters]

$$$ How Warren Buffett Protégé David Sokol Lost His Way [BusinessWeek]

$$$ A heroic Bronx parking garage worker thwarted a robbery when he somehow managed to push a suspect wielding a massive butcher knife and his alleged accomplice out of the building, police said. The attendant's weapon of choice? An apple. [NBCNY]