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Write-Offs: 4.27.11

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$$$ Buffett to 'Welcome' Sokol Questions at Annual Meeting [CNBC]

$$$ Former SAC Capital Manager Donald Longueuil to Plead Guilty in Insider Probe [Bloomberg]

$$$ Bernanke Says Ending Bond-Buying Unlikely to Have Major Impact [Bloomberg]

$$$ Driver Says He Survived Crash Into Grand Canyon [AP]

$$$Inside the New York Mets' financial ledger [Fortune]

$$$ Millennium Partners Will No Longer Use Expert Networks [FBN]

$$$Madoff Daughter-in-Law Shops Book Deal [Daily Intel]

$$$ Investor Sues T.J. Maloney And His $1.8 Billion Private Equity Firm Alleging Bogus Fees [Forbes]

$$$ Former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill: "Those who don't support a debt ceiling hike are 'our version of al qaeda terrorists'" [Bloomberg via Heidi Moore]