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Anyone Want To Hazard A Guess As To The Madoff 'Mystery' Liquor Being Auctioned Off?

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This afternoon, the US Marshals Service will hold yet another auction of Bernie Madoff's stuff, with proceeds going to the victims of the Ponzi scheme. Today's lots are comprised of the liquor left behind by the Ponz Master. As previously mentioned, one lucky bidder will take home Bernie's prized collection of low-grade mini-bar booze (including a selection of 2-ounce bottles of Smirnoff vodka, Bombay gin and Grand Marnier liqueur). Also up for grabs? A decanter containing a mystery liquid, which starts at $500.

Here's the description:

An 8½ inch tall, 12-sided crystal decanter with a wax seal over the cork, contents unknown. The decanter has no markings whatsoever.

Any takers?

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