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At Least One Hedge Fund Manager Appreciates The Genius That Is The Post's Graphics Department

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Q: What's the first thing you guys read every morning?
A: "The Post. That's my treat to myself."-- James Dinan. "The P&L statements." -- Izzy Englander. "An email from our London trading desk, which compiles all of the news about the companies I care about. I read it off a computer I had put in my closet, 'cause I'm lazy." -- Lee Ainslie.


Look At These Paupers: The 25 Highest Paid Hedge Fund Managers Of Last Year Made A Trifling $11.62 Billion

Scratch that. It was a triflin' $11.62 billion. They can't even scrape together the money for the 'g'.

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Highest Paid Hedge Fund Managers Liked 2015 Just Fine

Oh, you didn't make $12.94 billion? That's unfortunate.