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Bring Lenny Dykstra Into Your Home Today

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Geoffrey Raymond, Wall Street's artist in-residence, has completed his latest: "Dykstra, Nailed."

The portrait, a cross between Dykstra and Edward Scissorhands, is the new piece you've been looking for, if you've been looking for something hauntingly beautiful and corpse-like. It also includes annotations comprised of your comments, including but not limited to "If you could not cash this check 'til next Wednesday, that would be great." Raymond is selling prints for $200 ($250 for the general public) and the original for $14,500 (yes). While placing it over the mantle where it can scare small children or in the bedroom where it will stalk your dreams are both fine ideas, as we previously stated, we suggest buying it and selling it for a profit after LD goes to jail (again) or makes his final bow (just as a very wise investor/art collector recently did with his Liz Taylor painting….and perhaps will do again with Dykstra, Nailed, if you don't beat him to it).