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Cops Bust Greenwich-Based Hookers, Clients

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If you've got a regular thing going with a hooker in Greenwich, please note she may be lying low for a while. Perhaps somewhat more urgently, if you have a scheduled meeting for this week, you ought to consider backing out now as that hooker is a cop and you're about to get nailed.

Greenwich Police say that the string of prostitution arrests they made are the result of a widespread web of activity in the region. Greenwich Police Capt Mark Marino said, “We came to realize that it was fairly widespread throughout the region. Obviously, it was easy to arrange these rendez-vous. It didn’t appear to be a shortage of women who offer their sevices and there didn’t appear to be a shortage of men who wanted their services.”

Police were tipped off to the activity by Stamford Police in early April. It took about a month for Greenwich Police to investigate and make the arrests after using the Internet and surveillance...“Hopefully, the word will get out,” Marino said of the arrests. “If we can deter them from coming to Greenwich, I’ll be satisfied.”

The men and the undercover officer agreed to meet at a pre-arranged location within Greenwich so the undercover officer could perform a sexual act on the men in exchange for a cash payment.

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