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David Einhorn Views The Mets Investment As An Exciting "Life Experience"

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As you may have heard, David Einhorn will be purchasing a minority stake in the New York Mets, for $200 million. DE held a conference call just now to discuss the investment and answer a few questions including but not limited to how he feels about the Mets' financial situation/what his expectations are for stake, which was asked, conservatively, 15 times, and which he responded to each time by reiterating that this is a "personal" deal and he's in it for the love of the game. Also:

* He's been talking to the Mets since January, when he "read in the paper" that they were looking to sell a stake

* He and Fred Wilpon "hit it off, really well"

* No one's heard about the talks (unlike rumors that circulated about other hedge fund managers) because "we didn't tell anyone"

* As for SNY, he had "no interest in owning a TV station"

* He's "beyond comfortable with the financial agreement- more than comfortable: excited"

* He plans to hold the investment "for many years to come"

* As for owning the whole shebang, Einhorn said that what he's "interested the opportunity that’s in front of me right now"

* He has no idea where the Halloween costume is but if someone finds it he'd like it back

* His best friend growing up lived next to Bud Selig; if they hit the ball into Bud's yard, it was considered a home run

No word on whether or not his first invited guest to the owner's box will be Steve Ballmer.