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Did Raj Rajaratnam Rub His Athlete's Foot All Over A Just Dismissed Juror?

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We're not saying there's any foul play afoot at the Raj Rajaratnam trial, we're just saying it's interesting that the jury couldn't come to a decision re: the Galleon founder's guilt or innocence after 7 days of deliberating and now, they have to start all over due to the dismissal of one guy for "medical reasons," the very same week Rajaratnam gets a doctor's note saying he can't report to court due to emergency surgery he had on his foot over the weekend to treat a "bacterial infection."

Deliberations in the insider-trading trial of Raj Rajaratnam are to begin anew after a juror was dismissed for medical reasons. The prosecution and defense agreed to replace the juror with an alternate. The nine women and three men had been considering securities fraud and conspiracy charges in Manhattan federal court since April 25.

“The law requires you to base your verdict solely upon the evidence,” , U.S. District Judge Richard Holwell told the jurors in the courtroom today. “The verdict must represent the verdict of each juror, including the new juror that’s been seated.”