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Dominique Strauss-Kahn Has Really Done It This Time

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On top of all the other stuff- he's gone and pissed off New York madam Kristin Davis, who Eliot Spitzer can confirm you do not want as an enemy.

Davis, as in, Eliot Spitzer's favorite purveyor of prosties (and now woman who haunts his dreams). According to KD, DSK had her on speed-dial, and she's outing him as a client now because he messed with her girls.

"He was a client of my agency," she told The Daily Telegraph. "When men abuse women I'm no longer going to protect their identities." Miss Davis, 35, who claims to have a long list of celebrity clients, said Mr Strauss-Kahn called her directly on her mobile phone and paid $1,200 cash for two-hour sessions in hotel rooms.

"He wanted an 'All-American girl', with a fresh face, from the mid-West," she said. "A girl in January 2006 complained he was rough and angry, and said she didn't want to see him again".