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Is Today Erin Burnett's Last Day On CNBC? (Update)

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No one has said anything but...the standing ovation on the floor of the NYSE, the "good luck, Erin" from Jane Wells, the hints being dropped by Haines and, as one of you noticed, what appear to have been tears in EB's eyes at the start of the program seem to suggest yes?

Update: And yes, it's been confirmed today is the day (though Burnett will say her final good-bye Street Signs at 2PM).

Update II: Erin has gifted Haines with a pack of camel magnets, a keychain, a card she was insistent he not read on air, and Cheetos-flavored lip gloss.

Update III: Haines is crying.

Update IV: Erin is crying.

Update V: Are any of you crying? No? YOU MONSTERS!