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Jim Paulsen: Killing Osama Will Translate To The US "Not Having To Take Crap, If You Will" From "China, Or North Korea, Or Anybody" And People "Feeling Better About Their Portfolios"

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Earlier this morning, Jim Paulsen popped by the Squawk Box set (via phone) for a chat about the death of Osama bin Laden. What does it all mean? According to Paulsen, what the US did told the world, "Hey world, we've got balls." Killing OBL should do more to get the confidence back in the markets that was obliterated during the financial crisis than things like "repairing our balance sheets."

The way JP sees it, Sunday's move to "cut the head off the snake" was "just the type of thing that adds up to the confidence to spend cash flow feel better about your portfolio and equities in general." Another reason to feel "bullish on America"? Putting our balls out there means "we don't have to take crap, if you will, from China or North Korea or anybody. That's a good feeling overall."


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