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JPMorgan Promotes 132 To Investment Bank Managing Directors

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Jamie Dimon wanted to make the announcement Oprah-style (You get a title change! And you get a title change! And you get a title change!) but there was concern that some employees would pass out from the excitement.

Subject: New Managing Directors

Please join me in congratulating the individuals listed below on their promotion to Managing Director.

It takes leadership, teamwork and dedication to earn this recognition. We set the bar high, and they have delivered the results. We now look to them to foster a culture that emphasizes trust, integrity and honesty in doing business on behalf of our clients and our firm.

Each MD candidate is assessed against important criteria, such as financial performance, control, partnership, people development, scope of role and future potential. These individuals worked hard to become MDs and now belong to a group that comprises 6% of the Investment Bank’s employee population.

I also want to thank the members of the 2011 MD Selection Committee for their commitment to this process. Their judgment and leadership ensured that all of this year's candidates received careful consideration.

In particular, thanks to Karen Simon and Matt Zames for serving as co-chairs of this year's Committee.

Congratulations again to our new Managing Directors.

Jes Staley

New IB Managing Directors
Dave Akhtar
Susan Elolampi
Alex Latham
Jim Powers
Steven Alexopoulos
Alfonso Eyzaguirre
David Lau
Tom Prickett
Kimberly Allen
Jamison Feheley
Steven Leppard
Gregory Prime
Daniel Antonelli
Gene Fernandez
Joseph Liguori
Keith Pritchard
Marc Baigneres
Paul Finger
Jiwon Lim
Lauren Puglisi
Sam Bakhshandehpour
Eliot Fisk
Peter Simon Lindsey
Ian Raindle
Tom Baluk
Donal Fleming
Dan Lonski
Pedro Ribeiro Jr.
Fabio Bassi
Rick FlorJancic
Jiandong Lu
Katie Ruci
Afshin Bayrooti
Mark Follett
Simon Maisey
Tim Rule
Duncan Beattie
Rupert Ford
Steve Malin
Tom Salter
Joe Beggans Jr.
Usman Ghani
Stuart Marker
Raja Sambamurty
Shane Berkley
Matt Greenberg
Mislav Matejka
William Simmonds
Anastasia Bloom
Michael Grise
Philippe McAuliffe
Mansoor Sirinathsingh
Eamon Brabazon
Gregg Gunselman
Alton McDowell
Jack Smith
Melissa Bright
Mohit Gupta
Peter McInnes
Bob Stolte
Hans Buehler
Mark Hansen
Daniel McNeill
Hemant Anil Takalkar
David Caldana
David Hine
Geoffrey Meacham
Steve Terui
Evangeline Casey
Alan Ho
Rakesh Mehta
David Thomas
Seung Il Chae
Khaled Hobballah
Eric Menell
Jerry Topitzer
Vivek Chandiramani
George Holst
Ernesto Mercadante
Matthew Troy
Eric Childs
Brett Hoover
Chris Miller
Selen Unsal Jacoby
Mike Collar
Chris Hsieh
Scott Mitchell
Luis Valdich
Nick Conron
David Hudson
Michael Monforth
Xavier Valencia
Simon Crisp
Stephen Jani
Cristina Monteiro
Aristidis Vourakis
Rich Crozier
Michael Jansen
Mark Mullahy
Stephen Bradley Walters
Luiz De Salvo
Ken Janssens
Madhu Namburi
Jill Woodworth
Charles-Everard de T'Serclaes
Ashu Joglekar
Ross Niland
Brian Ye
Brad Demong
Pedro Juliano
Noriko Okano
Ehsun Zaidi
Tushar Desai
Fumihiko Kanai
Fede Olemberg
Yang Diao
Karoline Kane
Michael Openshaw
Brian Dillon
Yoshi Katsumura
Peter Pallister
Ed Donner
K.L. Kim
Rakesh Patel
Alex Douklias
Ken Krug
Richard Pemberton
Anna Dunn
Juan Langlois
Mike Powell

In addition, we would like to congratulate the new Managing Directors who were promoted through the Marketing & Communications and Human Resources selection processes.

Marketing & Communications
Brian Marchiony

Human Resources
Celia Connolly


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