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Live-Blogging The Rex Ryan SALT Lunch

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[Music playing while we wait includes "You Give Love A Bad Name" and "Livin' On A Prayer"]

12:45 Guy introducing Rex sees lots of similarities between the Jets coach and George W. Bush (who spoke last night): both are "winners, blunt passionate, and couldn't care if the things they say might have consequences."

12:50 Rex is happy to be here though, he must admit, doesn't know anything about derivatives..."buy low, sell high, that's all I've got"

12:53 Dad was a big influence- always told Rex to "be yourself." (Dad was in the army and used to go from foxhole to foxhole to make sure guys were fighting- if he had to jump in and grab a guy, shake him and slap him around, he'd do it. Taught Rex about leadership.)

12:55 "Most important thing for my guys to know is that I care."

12:57 RR: Jets will win the Super Bowl this year

[Related FYI: Mark Sanchez is rumored to be making an appearance on Friday (not to speak, just to hang).]

12:59: Appreciated having to work his way up; "my first job the players basically spoke English as a second language but we knew how to blitz"

1:05 "Everyone on the team is different, from political beliefs to race to body type to how good looking they are- we have two good looking guys and the rest are ugly- but we all respect each other"

1:07 The Jets "bring guys in with open arms"

1:11 Ryan wants "a whole team of ants carrying a couple of roaches"

1:12 Time to get personal: Rex learned he was dyslexic at the age of 41, which was tough because he comes from a family of brainiacs (he made up for the reading issues by "scoring off the charts on creativity and problem solving")

1:15 Anthony Scaramucci asks Rex to talk about his struggles with weight.

1:16 "When people look at fat people they see someone who's lazy and unmotivated but I'm just a fat person."

1:18 When Mike Nolan got promoted over him, he told Nolan "I want you to know they made a mistake- I should've gotten the job. It'll take me two days to get over this and then I'll be the best assistant you've ever had."

1:20 He was 45 minutes late for his interview with Woody Johnson for the head coaching job. He called his wife on the way "and was going crazy" but composed himself when he walked into the room.

1:27: "I don't know why I drop f-bombs, it's just who I am. I'm not apologizing."