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Mexico Central Bank Governor Agustin Carstens On Why He Deserves This Job (Running The IMF)

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"I think I have all of the qualifications to run the institution. I have 30 years of public service. I have a PHD from the University of Chicago. I have worked all my life in matters relevant for the Fund. I was the Executive Director of the Fund, the Deputy Managing Director of the Fund, in charge of the relationship with 80 countries. I was Minister of Finance of Mexico and now I am the Governor of the central bank. I have wide experience, I have participated in the G20, part of the steering committee of the Financial Stability Board, I'm a board member of the Bank for International Settlements. I know the institution from all different angles. I know the Fund as a member of the staff and its management, I was an Executive Director and I know the Fund, having been in authority with a lot stake at the Fund. I think I make a good candidate." And despite all that...

Nothing about how he would react in a scenario wherein he was surrounded by hotel maids and "no one would find out," i.e. this resume is going directly to the trash.



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