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Raj Rajaratnam Suspiciously Contracts Dire Case Of Athlete's Foot Monday After Royal Wedding Hangover

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Was he unable to make it to court today because he had to have emergency surgery to treat a bacterial infection or because he was too tired from staying up all night combing through pictures of Kate Middleton in that he dress he told friends was "to die for" and couldn't get enough of?

Raj Rajaratnam, the Galleon Group LLC co-founder awaiting a jury’s verdict in his insider-trading trial, had emergency surgery yesterday to treat a bacterial infection of his foot, according to defense lawyer John Dowd. “It is hoped that he will be recovered sufficiently to return to the courthouse this week,” Dowd said in a statement. He said his client waived his right to be in court during jury deliberations, which began April 25. “The court has approved this absence,” Dowd said in the statement.