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Senior Deutsche Bank Employee Didn't Know You Couldn't Bring Guns On An Airplane

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Getting out of town for the long weekend? If you're traveling by plane, perhaps we should take a moment to review a couple of items the FAA is not cool with you stashing in your carry-on. Gulf-clubs. Cattle prods. Regular-sized bottles of shampoo. Gel-type candles. Guns. Yes, guns! It's pretty wild but they're still not letting people bring them on planes. If this comes as a shock, don't feel bad because you're not alone- it's a crazy rule one Deutsche banker was unaware of, as well.

Shen Yan, head of North Asia institutional clients group of Deutsche Bank, was arrested at Hong Kong airport last week after a gun was found in his luggage, the sources said. Yan had been granted bail and was charged by the Hong Kong police, said the sources who asked not to be identified.

According to a spokesperson for DB, "this is a personal matter for Mr Yan and has nothing to do with Deutsche Bank," which has put him on a time-out until "the matter is resolved."

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