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Steve Cohen Got His Fashionable Side On Last Night

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Steven A. Cohen, head of SAC Capital Advisors, arrived with his wife, Alexandra, who wore red open- toed shoes that matched the carpet leading in to the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Ball. Penelope Cruz entered with Oscar de la Renta, Beyonce with Jay-Z...Fashion and wealth blended on this evening for one of the biggest museum fundraisers on the planet. Tables, which were sold out months ago, went for $100,000 to $250,000...As for the fit of a tuxedo, “This is one instance where size matters,” said menswear designer Simon Spurr, who wore a tie with a scorpion printed on it. “Buy one size smaller than you think.” However sexy a uniform a tuxedo can be, Stella McCartney suggested a man’s sex appeal comes from within, citing McQueen as a role model. “Have a personality, be true to yourself, and don’t conform in any way,” she said. [Bloomberg via BI]


Market Selloff Ain't Got Nothin' On Little Steve Cohens

2015 has been good to Little Steve's Hedge Fund Achievers.

Steve Cohen Did Pretty Well For Himself Last Year

The end of 2012 might've been a tough one for the SAC Capital founder, what with the matter of a former employee being accused of orchestrating “the most lucrative insider trading scheme ever," being referenced in the complaint as Portfolio Manager A, and ultimately being forced to show the softer side of Steve but the Big Guy still managed to take home $1.3 billion, so he's got that going for him.