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What Does Jim Cramer Think Of The LinkedIn IPO?

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Here's what he's had to say so far (spoiler alert: he would not put it in the "one of the greats" category alongside Lenny Dykstra):

* "LinkedIn is outrageously overvalued"

* "It's preposterous"

* "It's an absolute travesty"

* "This thing is making a mockery of NetFlix"

* "It's horrible and should be stopped"

* "I lived through this with"

* "We need a government to come in and say 'this is wrong'"


So This Is Jim Cramer Talking About Jamie Dimon's Capitol Hill Appearance

"He didn't win. He's a loser. How? You lose when you go in front of Congress and you lose when you go out. Anyone that declares him a winner is wrong...He walked in a loser. Testified. Walked out a loser. And by the way, he agrees with me. He knows he's a loser with no control and doesn't even know what happened in his own bank...A loser. Crisis PR is psychiatry. You go in there as a guy who is stupid, you don't come out being smarter. You don't. You come out just as stupid...He's a loser...This is not Michael Corleone with Frank Pentangeli in the back of the room. This is not Nevada gaming licenses...He's a loser. It's okay, man. He's a loser. Maybe next year he'll be a winner but he is a loser. Okay."