What Should Flava Flav Name His PE Fund?


Thinking a few steps ahead here but based on a recent interview in which Flava Flav discussed getting into the restructuring business (starting with his chicken chain), it seems obvious that's where he's headed. Schwarzman, Kravis, Peltz? Watch your backs.

You haven’t had your own reality show since 2008. Any plans to get back on TV and start over sharing again?

I’m getting ready to do a reality show about my restaurant, FFC, Flav’s Fried Chicken. It’s gonna be the next Happy Days. It’ll be about what happens when I open my restaurant in the Riviera Hotel and Casino on the Sunset Strip in Las Vegas. Hopefully within the next two to three days we’ll close on that deal and then we can start shooting it.

Is this the same chicken restaurant that went out of business in Iowa a few months ago?

We closed it down. Here’s the thing with the food business: the only way to win is with consistency. And if you don’t have consistency, you won’t win the game. Things didn’t stay consistent, so I had to shut it down and restructure.

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