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Who Wants To Be Chair(wo)man Of The FDIC?

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If you're looking for a new gig and think it might be the right fit, put in an application today, as Sheila Bair will be stepping down July 8, after her term expires.


Who Wants To Be Chair(wo)man Of The SEC? (Update)

Dealbook reports that Mary Schapiro has given official notice and come December 14th, she's out of there. Names being floated as possible successors are said to include Sallie Krawcheck and the SEC's director of enforcement, Robert Khuzami, but on the off-chance they're not interested, want to throw yours or a loved one's C.V. in the mix? Update: Apparently Obama plans to nominate Elisse Walter, an SEC commissioner and former FINRA VP, to take over. So you've probably got less of a shot at this point but anything can happen!