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World's Sassiest Shareholder Evelyn Davis Doesn't Give A Rat's Ass If Goldman Subscribes To Her Newsletter Or Not

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She wasn't even aware Lloyd et al canceled their $7,200 subscription until someone brought it to her attention. Why? Because she's Evelyn fucking Davis and she drove an $80,000 BMW to get here tonight whereas you drove a Hyundai.

It turns out that Ms. Davis, 81, [an outspoken gadfly with a long history of haranguing corporate executives at annual meetings] may have another reason to dislike Mr. Blankfein: Goldman Sachs canceled its $7,200 subscription to her publication Highlights and Lowlights, according to a person briefed on the situation but not authorized to speak on the record...Ms. Davis, however, says while she is not a fan of Mr. Blankfein, she was unaware the firm had canceled its subscription. “I don’t keep up with that,” Ms. Davis said. “I am a multi-multimillionaire, and I don’t need anyone’s subscription.

...The newsletter is part vanity play, chock full of grinning pictures of Ms. Davis with corporate chiefs. It includes a letters to the editor section. One letter states: “Dear Evelyn: We missed YOU at OUR annual meeting.” It is signed “SEVERAL CEO’S!!!”. The newsletter is partially written in capital letters. Ms. Davis is also a big fan of the exclamation mark. “The euro could very easily go back to par with the dollar and even go lower!!!,” she wrote in her more recent edition.

As for Goldman- let's just say that while this little stunt didn't hurt Evelyn like you thought it would, there will be some "capital letters" and" exclamation marks" in your future. You people fucked with the wrong millionairess.

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