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Write-Offs: 05.09.11

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$$$ Bruce Berkowitz On AIG: “I Was Wrong” [MarketBeat]

$$$To the Bullish Went the Spoils (WSJ)

$$$ Greece Pushes Plan to Raise Cash With Big Sales (NYT)

$$$Pacific Crest Said to Plan Buyout of Goldman-Backed Research Arm (Bloomberg)

$$$Citigroup shares face struggle post-reverse split (Reuters)

$$$ This is a tattoo of "the formula that caused the financial crisis" [Easy Street]

$$$JPMorgan Hires Former Barclays M.&A. Banker (DealBook)

$$$Barclays Will Get $1.1 Billion From Trustee Liquidating Lehman’s Brokerage (Bloomberg)

$$$U.S. Closes Florida's Coastal Bank (WSJ)

$$$Evacuations in Memphis as River Nears Crest (NYT)

$$$$2 billion in rail projects announced; Northeast to get largest share for high-speed upgrades (WaPo)

$$$ Scientific Study Links Flammable Drinking Water to Fracking (ProPublica)

$$$ Tina Fey's Sarah Palin, Darrell Hammond's Donald Trump Return For GOP Presidential Debate (HuffPo)