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Write-Offs: 05.11.11

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$$$The Galleon Case Is Nowhere Near Over (NYT)

$$$Little Guys Are Everywhere in Rajaratnam’s World (Bloomberg)

$$$ BofA’s Moynihan Says U.S. Lender ‘Still Struggles Mightily’ on Mortgages (Bloomberg)

$$$Rating agencies win dismissal of lawsuits (Reuters)

$$$Gasoline slump drags oil prices to second big drop (Reuters)

$$$ Corn, Wheat, Soybean Futures Decline as USDA Supply Outlook Tops Forecast (Bloomberg)

$$$U.S. Budget Deficit Narrowed to $40.5 Billion in April as Revenue Climbed (Bloomberg)

$$$ Sell riskiest investments now, Grantham urges (MarketWatch)

$$$ Senate Democrats seek to highlight tax breaks for oil companies ahead of Hill visit by CEOs (AP via WaPo)

$$$RAB set to delist as assets evaporate (FT)

$$$Earthquake hits southern Spain, ten dead (Telegraph)

$$$ Google’s Chrome Laptops to Go on Sale in June (NYT)

$$$ How to Turn 100 Trillion Dollars Into Five and Feel Good About It (WSJ)

$$$Hipsters to blame for billions of dollars in Census losses? (Metro)

$$$New York delegation goes after foreign parking violators (Politico)


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