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Write-Offs: 05.16.11

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$$$Full IMF Complaint Against Dominique Strauss-Kahn (ABC)

$$$ IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn to Spend Night at Rikers Island Jail (ABC)

$$$ El-Erian: Strauss-Kahn Allegations Are Consequential for the Global Economy (PIMCO)

$$$Merkel rejects Greek debt restructuring (FT)

$$$Appaloosa Trots Away From Bank Stocks (MarketBeat)

$$$ IMF disbursing more loan money to Ireland (Reuters)

$$$U.S. hits debt ceiling (Politico)

$$$ Treasury to tap pensions to help fund government (WaPo)

$$$Demand for US debt falls amid Chinese sell-off (FT)

$$$US budget deal costs $3 bln more in short term (Reuters)

$$$ Gross says PIMCO "never" short Treasuries (CNBC)

$$$ Yahoo: Bad Timing for Einhorn (MarketBeat)

$$$ Goldman Sachs Finds a Couple of Defenders (MarketBeat)

$$$ Google Makes $3 Billion Bond-Market Debut (Bloomberg)

Facebook Meeting With Banks on Possible IPO (CNBC)

$$$ Robert De Niro Dealing To Play Bernie Madoff For HBO Movie Of 'The Wizard Of Lies' (Deadline)