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Write-Offs: 05.18.11

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$$$ "A lot of people are willing to say China will slow down," Kynikos founder Jim Chanos said today. "The really scary thing is if you do the numbers and they cut back on construction it's not a slowdown, and they go negative real fast...The fact of the matter is if they hit the breaks really hard, the economy goes into reverse. It doesn't slow. Nobody will say that publicly because it's unbelievable. But it happens to be the way the numbers work." [CNBC]

$$$Strauss-Kahn Lawyers File Request for Court to Reconsider Denial of Bail [Bloomberg]

$$$ Glencore Prices IPO at 530 Pence a Share [WSJ]

$$$ At a Time of Needed Financial Overhaul, a Leadership Vacuum [ProPublica]

$$$ A former Diamondback Capital Management LLC portfolio manager, Anthony Scolaro, pleaded guilty to conspiracy and securities fraud in November, according to a plea agreement unsealed today in Manhattan federal court. Scolaro admitted to conspiring with Franz Tudor, a trader at New York-based Schottenfeld Group LLC, from October 2007 to sometime in 2008. [Bloomberg]

$$$ Americans Delaying Marriage as Couples Get ‘More Selective’ [Bloomberg]

$$$ Despite End of Easing, Fed Won't Be Going Away Soon [CNBC]

$$$Secret Service Official Twitter Account Bashes Fox News [Gawker]

$$$ "Arnold Schwarzenegger’s admission that he fathered a child out of wedlock may dim the political influence of the former California governor. His return to the movie business is unlikely to suffer." [Bloomberg]


Write-Offs: 6.25.15

Hollande sees Greek deal (Merkel does not); to IPO; The rise of the compliance guy; "Trashed golfer gets head stuck in garbage can"; and more.

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Bargain hunters head for Mykonos; JPM adding jobs; Hulk Kogan sex tape trial gets date; "Bolivian Restaurateurs Invent Quinoa Communion Wafers For Pope"; and more.

Write-Offs: 07.24.12

$$$ Fed Sees Action if Growth Doesn't Pick Up Soon [WSJ] $$$ Greece will need more debt restructuring - EU officials [Reuters] $$$ Outlook Cut Could Stiffen Berlin's Opposition to Aid [Der Spiegel] $$$ Apple Falls Short Of Analysts’ Expectations Amid IPhone Slump [Bloomberg] $$$ Loeb Buys More Yahoo Shares for $39.5 Million [CNBC] $$$ Plane towing "Will You Marry Me?" banner crashes off RI [CBS] $$$ Nomura is looking for an operations associate in New York, if you're interested [DBCC] $$$ Bond Trading Loses Some Swagger Amid Upheaval [NYT] $$$ Bridgewater Sees ‘Dangerous Dynamic’ As Largest Economies Slow [Bloomberg] $$$ Google agrees EU antitrust deal outline [FT] $$$ 'Hockey mom madam's' partner files papers to have case dismissed [NYP] $$$ Sometimes one subway train leaves before the other subway train; other times, the other subway train leaves first [City Room]