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Write-Offs: 05.19.11

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$$$ Strauss-Kahn to Get at Least $250,000 Pension From IMF (CNBC)

$$$ The IMF’s Next Leader: The Betting Begins (The Economist)

$$$ Jobless Claims in U.S. Fall More Than Forecast to 409,000, Reversing Surge (Bloomberg)

$$$ LinkedIn's first-day stock pop: Not even close to 1990s dot-com madness (LA Times)

$$$ LinkedIn Helped By Lack of Shorting, Put Options (MarketBeat)

$$$ Glencore debut underwhelms investors (FT)

$$$Bill Ackman Likely Takes $200 Million Bath on Borders (Deal Journal)

$$$UBS’s McCann Denies Speculation of Talks With Wells Fargo (Bloomberg)

$$$ Carlyle Group Said to Assemble $950 Million for First South America Fund (Bloomberg)

$$$Leading indicators fall for first time since June (MarketWatch)

$$$ International Energy Agency Urges Oil Producers to Lift Output (NYT)

$$$ UK banks face bonus shake-up (FT)

$$$Lloyds May Clawback Executive Bonuses (DealBook)

$$$Chinese set new standard in buying gold (FT)

$$$When Regulators Side With the Industries They Regulate (NYT Economix)

$$$ Steve Wynn’s Handbook to Avoiding Organized Crime (WSJ)