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Write-Offs: 05.24.11

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$$$ Jim Chanos: "Lately, I have been taking a beating from some Chinese real estate developers including one very recently…These kinds of criticisms, these ad hominem criticisms are fine, but what people again don't seem to be attacking are the facts. The property developer stocks that we're short have been declining. This has been a good place to be short for the last 18 months...Actually, our team just got back from China...they actually came back saying we are not bearish enough." (YouTube)

$$$How investing tips from Ira Sohn 2010 played out: Eisman, Arbess win big; Einhorn gets crushed; Tepper is so-so (AR)

$$$ AIG Issues ‘Clarification’ on Presentation Before Share Sale (Bloomberg)

$$$GOP Plans Vote on Debt-Limit Bill (WSJ)

$$$ Bill Gross: When Will He Be Right? Maybe Never Edition (MarketBeat)

$$$CFTC charges traders over oil price (FT)

$$$ Finra’s Ketchum Says Structured Products Are ‘Areas of Concern’ (Bloomberg)

$$$Tab for Lehman Collapse Tops $1.2 Billion (Deal Journal)

$$$ Report: Stimulus recipients owe more than $750 million in taxes (WaPo)

$$$Intrade founder dies summiting Everest (DM)

$$$J.P. Morgan Cuts GDP Forecast to 2.5% (MarketBeat)

$$$Strauss-Kahn Report Disappears From The Pages of The Economist in France (Bloomberg)

$$$Glencore Sinks Below Offering Price (DealBook)

$$$ Why LinkedIn Bears Say Plunge Is Inevitable (Bloomberg)

$$$ Navy SEALs canine in bin Laden raid sends demand for adopting military working dogs soaring (AP via WaPo)

$$$Lego machine gun shoots Lego bullets (CBS)