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Attorney For Accused Insider Trader Has Pretty Logical Explanation For How The Government's Been Able To Make His Client *Appear* Guilty

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Earlier today, US prosecutors rested their case against former Galleon employee Zvi Goffer, who like his old boss Raj, has been accused of insider trading. Here's what Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard Tarlowe had to tell the jury:

Tarlowe urged the jury to consider why the three men used prepaid phones that they subsequently destroyed, why Zvi Goffer spoke on recordings about creating what he called a “divergence” that would conceal the reason for trades, why Zvi Goffer referred on recordings to “our guy,” and why he and Kimelman spoke so often about the legal documents that prosecutors say were used in deals that Ropes & Gray worked on. “Think about why they were doing things like that,” Tarlowe told jurors. “The defendants are guilty as charged.”

And here's what Goffer's lawyer had to say about all that:

Barzee, Zvi Goffer’s lawyer, accused the government of twisting comments his client made on a few of the thousands of recordings, texts and e-mails that prosecutors reviewed, and then coming up with a “tortured” explanation of how they prove Zvi Goffer’s guilt. In one conversation, prosecutors claim that a comment Zvi Goffer makes about whether news is “public” is proof that he was looking for inside information, Barzee said. “They take absolutely innocent facts,” Barzee said. “And they twist it to fit their story.”

Goffer Evidence Is ‘Overwhelming,’ Prosecutor Tells Jurors [Bloomberg]



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