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Bernie Madoff's Underwear, Ass Sell At Auction

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Over the weekend, the US Marshals service held yet another auction of Bernie Madoff's stuff, with the proceeds going to victims of the Ponz Master's scheme. Previous items bought by bidders have included Bernie's prized collection of mini-bar booze, his marital bed, and his belly button ring. This time, someone got a deal on his (used) underwear (14 pairs for $200) and a photo of an unidentified ass.

Thousands of buyers vied for items that once belonged to convicted swindler Bernie Madoff, with 14 pairs of underwear going for $200 and a photograph of a naked rear end selling for $4,600.

It's unclear what type of undergarments Berns favored (though accounts by his former mistress, Sheryl "Honey Jar" Weinstein would suggest silk boxers, size small) and whose ass was featured, though it could have very will been Bernie, who was never bashful about dropping trou and who probably figured it'd be his gift to the universe.

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