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Business Consultant Flies In Women's Underwear, Knee-Highs To Make Travel 'More Fun'

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Does your job require you be on the road many days out of the year? Is constantly moving from city to city a bitch that leaves you exhausted and depressed, particularly about the fact that you spend more time in airports than you do at home, and average more hours sleeping in a chair than a bed? There are things you can do to make the experience more bearable, you know. Like maybe donning a pair of panties and a bra that brings out the color in your eye? One business consultant who refused to be named but posed for the picture at left tried it, loves it and is pretty sure that while it might not be for everyone, you might love it, too.

A man who flies US Airways in women's skimpy clothing, including little more than undergarments at times, said Wednesday that he does so to make business travel more fun, and complies with employees' requests to cover up - though they rarely ask. The 65-year-old Phoenix man...aid he works as a business consultant and flies several times a month as a preferred customer on US Airways. He's flown in scanty female clothing for several years and has put on a sweater or pants the few times an employee has asked, he said.

As for what to do if an airline rep takes issue with the ensemble, he's got you covered on that one, too.

On Wednesday, the cross-dressing man said Marman [a college football player at San Francisco International Airport allegedly refused a US Airways employee's request to pull up his sagging pants] had probably brought his problems on himself by initially refusing an airline employee's request to hitch up his pants. He said that what happened to Marman did not amount to racial profiling.

"His issue was that he refused to listen to an employee and became belligerent," the man said. "I have a feeling youth played a role in his response. I've learned over the years, the best response to a confrontation is a soft response. Becoming angry is never a good practice. You cloud your own ability to think properly, and you reduce your chances of persuading the other person."

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