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Chinese Venture Capitalist "Passionate About Love, Disdaining Of Wealth" Announces Plans To Marry Mistress On Internet, Follows Up With An "Ode To Elopement"

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Wang Gonquan is known as "an icon in Chinese investing circles." Recently, WG decided to make an honest woman out of his mistress and decided to let his followers, friends and family know Sina Weibo, China's Twitter. "I am giving up everything and eloping with Wang Qin," he wrote. Then he got reflective and penned "An Ode To Elopement," which he then shot himself singing softly in front of "an expanse of water in dim light." According to the Journal, the lyrics go something like this:

Always facing the whispers of the wind with a heart longing for love,

I loathe nothing more than laboring for profane achievements. Who has ever seen mountains of gold and silver last through 10,000 generations? Throughout the ages, the only precious thing is this feeling. A bright moon in the clear sky starlight accompanies me. Events of the past waved away like smoke. Passionate about love, disdaining wealth, Riches and rank worth the same as dirt. My hands clasped, laughing, in a bow to this profane world,

I dance through the vast sky.

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