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Congressman Anthony Weiner Offers Several Tips Titans Of Wall Street Ought To File Away For Safe-Keeping

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Thinking about tweeting pictures of your package to some college chicks? Head of a public company whose board might take issue with the shots and try and force you out? If you want to keep your job, schedule a meeting (10 days after you get caught) and take several pages from Congressman Anthony Weiner's playabook.

1. Tell people the pictures were "a joke"
2. Maintain that you never met the women with whom you "conducted inappropriate conversations over Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, and occasionally on the phone" in person
3. Remind everyone that the company's code of conduct does not specifically include a section on Tweeting crotch shots.
4. Point out that you didn't use your work Blackberry but rather it was from your "home computer" where you "usually did these things."

Weiner: There Was No Hacking, It Was Not My Penis, I'm Not Resigning [Daily Intel]


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