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Ex-Russian Spy Anna Chapman Is A Venture Capitalist Now

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Remember Anna Chapman? She was among the ten Russian spies deported last year and since returning to the motherland has been pretty busy. She posed in Maxim in her underwear holding a deadly weapon. She started hosting a TV show called "Secrets of the World." She adopted a lion cub. She posed in a magazine called Heat and then got in trouble for posting outtakes of her ass on Facebook. She waved off a rocket launch. She modeled in a fashion show (in which carried a gun and stuck it in a male model's neck). For her next project, Chapman has teamed up with Vladimir Putin to "lure technology investment to Russia." Apparently tech has always been a passion of Chapman's ("I’ve always been fascinated with technology,” she told Bloomberg) and now, she says, "I want to make my own input into developing this industry." For you thinking Chaps will have a hard time being taken seriously, think again. According to Moscow hedge fund manager Roland Nash, she's “very well known and respected in Russia, by Russians in general and young Russians in particular, so in that sense she’s quite an imaginative solution.” As for the West, Nash concedes, "she’s got to turn around part of her image.”